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August 17, 2012 Comments (0) Views: 1395 News, Students

*New course!* LA 292: Programming and Culture ON LINE!

For the first time, “LA 292:Programming and Culture” is being offered online! This in-depth course examines the relationship between people and buildings, and goes through the basics of the programming process.

Programming is the process by which we determine the purposes to which a building will be put, and how to accommodate those purposes through design. However, we cannot understand how to determine these purposes without careful examination of human behavior, and close attention to social processes and cultural differences. As future design professionals, it will be of great benefit to you to understand how culture and society play roles in shaping the purposes to which buildings are put. This course approaches design from a humanistic and sociological position, examining the interrelationship between human behavior and the role of buildings in the city. Students will learn to observe, gather, and interpret cultural information into ideas that can shape the organization, form, or design intent of a building.

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