Study Abroad in Florence, Italy During Summer 2016!

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Study Abroad 2016

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This summer, we have launched our new study abroad program that took seven students on a journey through four countries in central Europe visiting around 100 seminal buildings from well known architects. We would like to launch a similar program next year. The study abroad 2016 will take us trough southern Germany Switzerland and Austria as well as Venice Italy for a visit of the world famous 15th Architecture Biennale, the most important, prolific, and extensive architecture exhibition in the world. This is a great way to link your architectural understanding with actual build work of amazing caliber and also one in a lifetime chance, as such an intense trip with all the logistics is actually nowhere else to be found. We will also organize access to buildings and have guided tours at places that are normally not accessible to the public. We will see buildings by famous architects such as Herzog & De Meuron, Peter Zumthor, Sanaa, Valerio Olgiati, Christian Kerez, Renzo Piano, Frank Gehry, Zaha Hadid, Frei Otto, Ben van Berkel and Peter Cook among many others*. Especially Switzerland is world famous for the level of craft and execution of buildings, while Austria sports some very experimental buildings from a younger generation of architects – a great learning experience for sure.

In order to launch this exciting trip, we need at least 12 students to participate. The trip itself is linked to ARH 903 a six credits, seven week course for all M.Arch students two of these 7 weeks will be dedicated to the travel. If you are a B.Arch student and interested, please get in touch with me so we can talk to Jennifer Asselstine and figure out how to enroll you. The costs of the trip will be somewhere around $5500.- (comparable trips from professional organizations are usually more expensive even though they are shorter and cover less buildings) the price includes: Airfare / Chartered Bus Travel / Public transportation / Hotel with Breakfast / Tour-guides / Entrance Fees and Logistic Support. This class is open to online and onsite students we are currently working on the online component.

Deadline: the price is guaranteed until February 15th if we can not fill the class by then, we might have to cancel it however, the study abroad is capped at 15 participants if the course is full we are not able to open another section.

How to enroll:
1. Enroll in ARH 903 if you are an Graduate Student or get in touch with Mark Mueckenheim via email at the start of the semester if you are an Undergraduate Student.
2. Email the Graduate Director Mark Mueckenheim with your contact details for further instructions – Full Name / Student ID number / Email Address (further instructions will follow).
3. Application and a $500 deposit will be required by February 15th 2015

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