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Ethics and Leadership Panel: Public Space

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AAU School of Architecture Ethics and Leadership Panel: Public Space

Wednesday, April 6, 2016, 9:30am -11:00am PST

601 Brannan Atrium Space

ONLINE STUDENTS: This event will be live-streamed at 9:30 am PST – you can watch it and join in on the conversation at

This semester’s Ethics and Leadership Panel event will highlight the leadership roles that architects, designers and planners take in San Francisco in advocating for public space and the community users of our urban spaces. Aaron Hylan, President of AIASF and Josh Bacigalupi Architectural Design Lead for Studio for Public Space – Exploratorium, our featured panelists, will give brief introductions to their work and their careers, followed by a moderated panel discussion and ending with a Q&A from online and onsite students.

Moderator: Mimi Sullivan, AIA | Saida + Sullivan Design Partners
Executive Director, AAU School Of Architecture


Aaron Hyland - Cannon Design

Aaron Hyland
President AIASF
Principal – CannonDesign

Aaron is passionate about collaborating with creative socially-minded people to build community through design thinking, architecture, preservation and PlaceMaking. For over 28 years, he has been making historic and culturally significant buildings and sites relevant, celebrating what makes these places special while at the same time accommodating change and future possibilities.

Aaron is a Principal and Office Practice Leader at CannonDesign San Francisco. Prior to joining CannonDesign, Aaron spent more than two decades at Architectural Resources Group, including as managing principal for eight years. Aaron serves as the 2016 President for the AIA San Francisco, Treasurer for the Architectural Foundation of San Francisco (AFSF) and Vice-President of the San Francisco Historic Preservation Commission. He is a member of the PlaceMaking Leadership Council for Project for Public Spaces and the founder of PlaceMaking San Francisco — an organization that amplifies the voice of architects in ongoing conversations about building community through collaboration, design thinking, architecture and preservation.

He has mentored high school students with an interest in design, construction, engineering, and architecture through the AFSF’s BuildSF Institute. Aaron believes we have the responsibility to provide opportunities to the following generations – our future leaders.

Josh Bacigalupi

Josh Bacigalupi
Architectural Design Lead
Studio for Public Spaces

Josh’s vocation is to understand how people and their environments maintain vitality and thrive on this planet. As an undergraduate, he studied environmental science and physical chemistry at UCSB. Not convinced that a strict science career would be the best way to understand how complex biological systems operate within their environments, he went on to study architecture. He earned a master’s degree from the University of Colorado, Denver, and studied municipal and urban space design in Finland and Italy.

On return, he served as head designer for a $7.5 million municipal police station in Denver that earned AIA and industry design awards. This design success reawakened his interest in science, and cross-fertilization between science and design led him to a rigorous theory about how life systems can maintain vitality in context of their places.

In joining the Studio for Public Spaces, he found a great opportunity to try implementing these ideas in the public realm. Working with the studio, he most recently served as Design Lead on the first Living Innovation Zone.

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