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We hope you had a good semester wich is now coming to an end. This is your last chance to sign up for the the Contemporary Architecture Study Abroad course this summer.

Please have a look at the brochure that is linked below for more info on this exciting program. We have a few places left and want to make sure that you sign up before it is to late. The time is closing in and we will be finalizing all bookings very soon.

The Contemporary Study Abroad is a 6 credit 7 week intensive course that focuses on contemporary built works of canonical architecture. The conceptual meaning and their role in recent architectural discourse will be studied and researched throughout the summer semester. The class culminates in site visits to these buildings, which are high profile works of world renowned architects. Guided tours and lectures on site will be an important part of the class. The Study Abroad Course 2018 will be super exciting, it will take us to Milan and Venice to major capitals in Europe which are architectural hotspots that have many world class contemporary buildings from world famous as well as still unknown architects. While Venice has fewer contemporary buildings then Milan, we will visit the city in the lagoon during the time of the world renowned Venice Architecture Biennale, the number one exhibition on architecture in the world. You probably have seen some of the recent buzz in the architecture media surrounding the opening of this amazing event: or

We are also still working on specifics and we will use our many international contacts to hopefully incorporate office visits into this trip again.

Through this architectural journey, you will gain an insight and understanding of the buildings visited and buildings in general – by seeing architecture live – an invaluable insight which can not be replicated through books or internet research. The course is a one of a kind offering to our students. It is open to Graduate and Undergraduate Architecture Students Onsite as well as Online. We will prepare for and learn about these buildings in a 4.5 week class prior to the travel that follows during the rest of the summer semester. It is possible to extend your stay in Europe after the study abroad trip concluded. While the course runs through the summer semester (online and onsite), the actual travel is 14 days in total and it will start on July 26 (departure date West Coast Time) and will last until August 9th (departure in Venice).

If you are interested in the course there are detailed steps in the brochure how to enroll, if you have further questions, please contact the Graduate Director of the School of Architecture Mark Mueckenheim

Now is the time to go, sign up!

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